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Uganda is a diverse country offering you the best of Africa. A variety of different nature and animals combined to forthcoming people, right in the heart of Africa. The heat of the Equator mixed with the chill of the highlands also makes the weather very pleasant
Uganda is where the East African savannah meets the West African jungles

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Unbelievable fauna of Africa is all around you in Uganda. We can carefully visit the animals closely in breathtaking nature, where the west african jungles meet east african savannah. Not to mention over 1000 bird species
Ugandans are warmhearted people with magnificent culture to feel and explore. 56 different tribes and languages, all with their own stories to tell to the next generations. You’ll be properly introduced here

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Tell us what and when so we can plan your unique trip to Uganda with care. We can plan your Piece of Uganda Safari from arrival to departure, or take you for day adventures, or anything between

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