The Present And
How We Got Here

We are Ukko and Niina. And we organize the whole shabang here, together with local experienced tour guides
Together we originate from a broad range, from the Flatlands and Lapland of Finland to the Equator that splits Uganda. We have travelled and lived places here and there. After being positioned as full-time employees, ticking boxes for employers just by the Arctic Circle, we broke off and set anchor in Buwaya, Uganda.
We have a healthy amount of knowledge on how to get by and on doing things out of the box. Our tour guides are l-o-a-d-e-d with experience and knowledge of the local wildlife and culture. Now we’re building up something that allows for us to share the experience that this place can offer. And we’re building it here at the actual spot.
Welcome to Piece of Uganda Safaris
We’ve been thinking, that it would be important to do something that really matters, and after all it’s good food and experiences that matters the most. We would be happy to offer you some.

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