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Let us know about your wishes and do make use of our experience to ensure you have the perfect stay in the beautiful Uganda
Let us know about your wishes and do make use of our experience to ensure you have the perfect stay in the beautiful Uganda. We arrange safaris amongst other, through savannahs and jungles; doesn’t matter, since each trip is uniquely made for you. Our tailored safaris are made to meet your budgets and your desired experiences
It means that anything from the basics to a luxurious level, we’ll figure it out to suit you. You can choose your own activity level. Including relaxing days to the trip allows you to reload and get more out of the experience


It is the animals in Uganda make the country so special. Uganda is one of the only three countries in world where you’ll find mountain gorillas. These gentle giants will amaze you by their size and manners. Our closest relatives are the chimps and they live in many of the forests around Uganda. We highly recommend visiting our very active cousins in their natural habitat
The Ugandan national parks will also give you the chance to see elephants, hippos, antilopes, giraffes, zebras, lions and even leopards. Uganda is also a top bird watching destination, giving home to over 1000 different species. You can’t miss the eagles and cranes and you’ll gaze at the magnificent shoebill. We can arrange to take you to all of the above and much more


The most typical and popular way to travel is to jump in a 4X4 car with one of the best driver guides ever. Alternatively, you can experience a range of travel options in Uganda from private car with a guide to using public transport or even hiring a plane. Or by feet

3.National Parks

There are ten national parks around Uganda which can be visited as part of your trip. The parks offer you the chance to see a great variety of different flora and fauna. All of the parks have their own flavour and represent all types of nature and climates
The parks are operated by the Uganda Wildlife Authority, which does valuable work protecting the animals and nature. Park fees are invested in protecting animals, developing sustainable eco-tourism and also to partnership with the local communities around the parks


Do you need more than coffee to wake up? Maybe an early morning Bungy jump, or perhaps rafting on the Nile would be something more like it? There is 4wd quadbiking, horseback safaris, hiking, mountaineering, fishing and much more to offer in Uganda.

There’s also plenty to experience without sports. The culture sector alone makes Uganda worth visiting. Dancing, singing, music and much much more. And since football is culture too, just let us know if you want to see the national team, Uganda Cranes, in action

5.Sleep, Eat, Wash and Internet

Uganda offers a wide range of different types of accommodation. From finest luxury to basic camping, both have their own appeal. We can select the best places to suit your taste. The food in Uganda tastes great. What you’ll have on your plate will vary according to the region and we’ll make sure that you get a proper introduction to Uganda’s gastronomic experience. Washing. Hot showers are usually available
An option is of course rafting. Most accomodation have their own showers and washing facilities. Laundry services are available in most places so there is no need to pack too much clothing to carry around. Uganda is a developing country, but all your basic needs are covered even at the lower range of budgets. Internet. This is important. Either you want to be online for 24hrs, have easy access, or you choose to be entirely off grid, we know how to set you up. Let us know

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